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There are many different resources that Celina offers to keep our customers in the know. In addition to our video library on YouTube and Knowledge Center, we have a wide variety of supplemental websites for personal edification. In addition to GetTent.com, CelinaTent.com, and CelinaIndustries.com (all of which offer a wealth of information), Celina operates one site specifically for those looking to break into the tent rental business.

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With so much that printing can add to any occasion, we sat down with Chris Williams of VIRTUE Paintball to get some first-hand user feedback.

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Replacement Table Legs in 60” Round, 72” Round, and Banquet Leg styles. The important differentiating note to remember is that the round table legs are created to overlap when they’re collapsed, thus keeping all of the leg hardware within the underside footprint of the table. Banquet Legs are each created to fold flat, and so will require more space on the underside of the item.

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A Fascination with Fasteners

September 28, 2017

Frame-style tents take a little bit more to stay up. Each of the rafters, spreaders, and beams that make up the support system need to be secured at each end to another tube or fitting in order to create the desired shape. These areas of both the tubing and fittings have a series of drilled holes to serve as the securing points. How do they secure it? With fasteners – the style of which is up to the installer – that are inserted through both sets of holes in order to keep the two pieces together.

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Because Knowledge is Power!

September 21, 2017

We try and make sure we make as much info as we can available to our customers through our websites, video library, knowledge center, and various communications. For example, did you know that Celina Tent puts out a monthly Newsletter?

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