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Why You Should Use Drop Cloths


June Deals: The Drop Cloth Discount

You know I almost titled this one “Drop it like it’s Cloth”? I didn’t want to do that to you guys though. Looking out for ya (wink).

It’s the little decisions like these that elevate situations into truly great experiences. Depending on your vantage point, this can be a fairly open-ended statement; what is the great experience in a tent installer’s eyes? Most likely we’d be talking about a tent that looks great when it’s installed, and installs quickly and easily. Want to take a guess as to how this can be done?


Yes, anyone who read the title could probably have seen that coming. The drop cloth is a large fabric sheet that is laid out on the installation site before the tent top is removed from its bag. What does it do? There are two main uses:

  1. Prevents the Tent Top from Getting Dirty

The ground is dirty – that’s where dirt comes from, after all. Laying down a drop cloth prevents any smudges or dusty streaks from getting onto your fabric as it’s installed. This keeps you from having yet another step cleaning the tent once it’s been hoisted into place before your event even starts.

Of course, this won’t provide protection from the soles of shoes that walk on your tent – always be sure that tent fabric is a no-traffic-zone. 

  1. Protects the Tent Fabric from Pinholes

That ground we were talking about before? In addition to dirt, just image all of the tiny little rocks, plant matter, and any other object that might have a relatively sharp edge. Not knife-sharp of course, but even tiny rocks are able to put small holes in your tent top if laid upon them.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

With so much riding on such a simple and easy tool, we try to make them easy to order. Heck – we’ll make it easier still for tent pre-season! From now until the end of June, any drop cloths ordered from will be discounted 25% off if you use the coupon code DROPIT during checkout. This applies to any size drop cloth available online.

Be sure to check back weekly for new blogs on tent products, uses, and any additional promotions we’ll run through the summer. See you there!