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About Us

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Our focus on quality and customer service has led CELINA to grow from a small tent rental company to a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of tents and event equipment.

Your Premier Source for Superior Temporary Shelters and Industrial Textile Products


Welcome to, a critical arm of Celina Enterprises, where we're dedicated to providing high-quality temporary shelters and robust industrial textile fabric products. Our diverse clientele ranges from professional event planners and rental companies to small businesses and private individuals, each benefitting from our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

At, we bring quality, efficiency, and excellence together to guarantee your event is an unqualified success.

Our Story: Evolution and Innovation


Starting as Celina Tent Rental in 1996, we embarked on a journey from a small tent rental business to a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of tents and event equipment. Our evolution is a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality and customer service excellence, underpinned by continuous innovation.

Our commitment to progress drove us to introduce advanced methodologies and technology into an industry that had seen minimal change. This transformative approach to our operations, from design and manufacturing to warehousing, distribution, and customer service, was the foundation for growth on our journey to global, industry leadership.
Thanks to our considerable inventory of ready-to-ship tents and shelters, has been integral to various relief operations worldwide, responding to natural disasters and emergencies, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and military surges.


Celina Tent Rental was established to speciliaze in renting tents, tables, and chairs; before evolving to include manufacuring our own tents in 1998.

2002 is created to provide customers with the world's first ecommerce site to purchase party tents and related event accessories.


The rental division is sold, allowing Celina Tent Inc. to focus on new opportunities in tent production and large contract manufacturing of industrial textile products.


We were awarded a contract with the US Department of Defense to produce humanitarian relief shelters; initiating our invaluable connection to the US Government & military.


In-house printing capabilities were added, integrating seamlessly into our manufacturing processes and products.


We established our own facility in Taicang, China dedicated to supplementing production of products engineered here in Celina, OH.


The first of many successive expansions was completed on our manufacturing facilities.


We began exclusively warehousing and shipping out of our new Celina Distribution Center.


The company was restructured into parent company The Celina Company LLC and its subsidiaries Celina Tent Inc. and our own Celina Enterprises LLC.

Tech-Savvy Manufacturing and Efficient Distribution


Our advanced facility in Celina, Ohio serves as our innovation hub.
Here, we:
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology and efficient manufacturing techniques.
  • Produce high-quality products at cost-effective prices.
  • Generate 250,000 square feet of product each month.
  • Run an in-house quality and safety assurance lab to maintain our high standards.

Rapid Delivery and Global Reach

Our 100,000 square foot distribution center allows us to:

  • Maintain a large inventory of ready-to-ship tents and shelters.
  • Dispatch over 30 LTL shipments daily.
  • Store 1,000 complete tents and 20,000 tables and chairs.
  • Fulfill most orders within 24 hours.

The Celina Company

Our parent firm, The Celina Company LLC is a forward-thinking private investment firm, specializing in strategic, long-term investments across a diverse spectrum including manufacturing, distribution, and value-added services spanning ecommerce, industrial, government, agriculture, and commercial sectors. The Celina Company manages a dynamic portfolio of brands, including Celina Enterprises LLC, ensuring sustainable growth and stability.

Celina Enterprises

Celina Enterprises LLC, the operational powerhouse behind, is known for designing, manufacturing, and distributing superior products tailored to event, agricultural, and industrial applications. The company's extensive product lines, ranging from tents and tarpaulin to branded event tents, agricultural curtains, tables, and chairs, speaks volumes about their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.