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Warranty Claims

All of CELINA's products are protected by a strenuous product support program. Warranties are applicable to verified defects or failures that may become apparent within the product's warranty terms.

Warranty terms and durations vary by product type. Please refer to the specific product warranty listed on the specific product pages. Coverage for resold components or products produced by another manufacturer is limited to the warranty offered by that manufacturer. A product warranty is valid to the original purchaser only, and is not transferable.

Issues NOT covered by Warranty in any situation:

  • Normal wear or damage resulting from use contrary to instructions, negligent use, or misuse of the product
  • Holes, punctures or other damages which can be caused during normal installation of a tent, whenever proper procedures are not followed
  • Repair or alteration by anyone other than Celina Tent, Inc.
  • Forces of Nature

Warranty Claim Procedure

Step 1 - The Warranty Claim Form

Use the Warranty Claim Form to document the product fault(s)/issue(s). The best method for documentation is taking digital photos of all the concern areas, and submitting them through email with the completed form.

For tents and canopies, be sure to record the Serial Number or Tent Identification Number located on the Flame Resistance tag inside the tent top. This information is crucial to resolving claims quickly. Please note that the tent ID information may be difficult to get after the product is packed; it is best to collect all information when the tent is still set up. A digital photo of the tent/canopy ID label is preferred.


Step 2 - The Contact and Review Process

Send the Warranty Claim Form and all accompanying documentation to:

Celina Enterprises, LLC

Telephone: 866-767-9242


Fax: 419-584-0949

CELINA will review the information and determine if:

  • The fault is NOT covered under the Warranty. Warranty Claims not deemed not to be covered will be denied.
  • The fault APPEARS to be covered under Warranty. The product will need to be returned to Celina Tent for further inspection, repair, or replacement.

Step 3 - The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and Return Shipment

Warranty materials must be sent to CELINA with the freight prepaid. If the claim is accepted, freight charges will be credited back to the customer. Do not combine warranty material with any other shipments, and do not list more than one issue per Warranty Claim Form. Equipment/parts and claims become the property of CELINA upon acceptance of a claim settlement. For denied claims, parts will be returned to the customer at their expense if requested within thirty (30) days. In order for warranty claim to be processed, failed parts must be returned within (15) days of initial claim filing or claim will be denied.


Step 4 - Repair and Replacement

CELINA, at its option, will repair or replace a product or any component of the product found to be defective during this warranty period.

Please note that a product Warranty Claim is different from a damaged Freight Claim.