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Interviewing Prime Time Party Rental


Trending Now – A Rental Company’s Take on Rental Trends

Most of the business that Celina conducts relates to selling accoutrements for tenting events. Tables, chairs, sidewalls, table covers, tent tops and lighting – all pieces are sold to both rental companies and private customers. Since we hover on the distribution side of the equation, it can be difficult for us to get a grip on what end-users are asking for right now.

We contacted Prime Time Party Rental, based in Dayton, Ohio, to check in on what rental customers are talking about and asking for these days.

We understand that while the basic rental equipment stays the same over time – popular tent styles and sizes, for example – there are preferences that come and go with each new tent season. What are some of the out-of-the-ordinary trends you’ve seen?


The biggest event trend that we are seeing is the use of unconventional event spaces like airport hangers, old warehouses, breweries, etc. People want to cause a stir and make a memorable event, partially through their selection of the venue. Experiential food bars or displays are also a huge trend right now. From Bourbon Bars, Tapas Bars, and Popcorn Bars, allowing your guests to engage with culinary options has been a huge hit at events.

The other big trend that we are seeing is more and more of is personalization. It used to be just corporate events that were heavily branded, but even wedding couples are getting in on the trend by branding their wedding with their own logo, colors, and graphics. From printed dance floors and custom wine bottle labels to monogrammed pillows on lounge furniture, just about any surface can be printed on or personalized. Also worth noting is the vintage or eclectic look, which isn't going away any time soon either. People are having fun mixing and matching patterns, decor styles, vintage furniture and one-of-a-kind elements into their event decor.

Do trends typically follow cycles (e.g. 60’s themes are popular every 20 years or so), or is it mostly new ideas that get the most traction with customers?


Trends do follow cycles, and with Pinterest being the number-one social media platform used to help plan and design events, those trends are evolving quicker than they have in the past. Years ago, trends in our area would last for a good 5+ years. However, today (thanks in part to social media trends) they are around for 3-5 years max. The colors gold and silver are a great example of this; for nearly a decade, silver was the accent color of choice for events.  Now gold is the hot accent color. From gold linens, Chiavari chairs, candle sticks, flatware, you name it - gold is the trend of the moment.

Which would you say is the better investment: the classically popular items or seasonal hits? Do most products that become sought-after rentals generally become industry mainstays?


 Fads are tricky because clients see pictures on Pinterest or Instagram, and come to us wanting those items. So for Prime Time, we have to balance what is popular and has some staying power versus what might just be a one or two season fad. Copper Moscow Mule mugs are a great example of this. A year ago most of us hadn’t even heard of that cocktail, but they popped up at hipster bars and restaurants causing a stir. We had a few requests spring up around that time, but those requests quickly faded away.

On the other hand, certain trends last longer than others in our area just because we are in the Midwest and not a major metropolitan area. Barn venues are popping up all over the place, but given the large rural community we have around us rustic weddings and events will be around for quite some time. We try to capitalize on the trends that we feel will last several years, or ones which can be evolved into other newer or fresher trends. With rustic barn weddings, we are seeing clients stray away from the very rustic Mason-jar-and-burlap look to something that feels a little more bohemian or eclectic. By changing the accessories or colors that go with major inventory items, like our rustic bars and wine barrels, we can stretch trends further.

As we come into the 2017 season, what are the up-and-coming popular items you’re having people ask for?


We are enjoying some of trends that came in with 2017. Many trends follow Pantone's color of the year, which for 2017 is Moss Green (“Greenery,” 15-0343). So we are seeing a lot of greens and greenery at events. From green linen selections to lots of greenery in centerpieces (as opposed to blooming flowers), the green trend has a fresh organic feel. It used to be that clients would select no more than 1, 2 or 3 colors for their event, but now clients are working within an entire grouping of colors, textures, and patterns. We're seeing clients mix five or six different linens, and it looks fabulous! With lighting technology getting better and more affordable, color washing tents and venues (inside and out) is quickly becoming the norm. 

We are also seeing clients embrace playing with different event floor plans and mixing different design elements. Perhaps it's mixing round tables with long rows of farmhouse tables, or adding in conversational lounge furniture groupings, but clients want to shake up their event footprint. 

Prime Time Party Rental is based in the Dayton area, having served their customer base through thick and thin (and fire!) since April 1997. Having moved to an even larger location in 2014 to accommodate future expansion, their showroom and private consultation rooms for vendors can house as many as 100 guests!

From floor furniture to activities, heating/cooling, and all of the basic tenting accessories, Prime Time Party Rental is sure to have the best selection for you event! Visit them online at or contact them with the info below!

Prime Time Party Rental

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