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August 2017 Photo Contest


Become a Winner: Celina Tent’s Photo Contest is Underway!

Winning just makes you feel great. Why, the only thing better than winning at a contest is to win multiple times! Celina Tent’s Photo Contest lets you enter again and again! We’re looking for high-resolution photos of installed Celina Tent tents and products, and are going to be giving away $50-worth of store credit for every applicable entry. And you can enter as many times as you want!


Photos need to be:
  • High quality (or professionally taken)
  • JPEG or .jpg format
  • Over 2 MB in size
  • A Well-laid out scene
  • If professionally taken, photographer’s approval to use the image

By “well-laid out scene” we are referring to the photo’s content. Photos should not have any set up equipment visible, should show the entire product (or as much as can be photographed), and should not include any distractions (including trash cans, plant overgrowth, excessive people in frame, etc.).

Method #1 – Facebook

On the Celina Tent Facebook page, you can click on the “Photo Contest” tab and submit your photo.

Method #2 – Internet Upload

Photos can be sent to us by following this link:

All you have to do is upload the photo file, fill in your name and email, and click the submit button!

Method #3 –Account Managers

If you’ve ordered through an account manager, you can email them a copy of your photo and let them know that you would like it to be considered.


All submissions are reviewed by the Celina Tent Marketing Department. There are no penalties for multiple submissions; each photo is reviewed in turn and judged solely on its own. Credit will be applied to your account and ready for your next order. You will be notified by email if you win.

And that’s it! You can enter as many times as you want, with as many different photos as you want, and keep on getting those credits. We’ll also promote you on our social media feeds throughout the year – free advertising!

What are you waiting on – get your camera, your smart phone, or your friend (who has a camera or smart phone) and get photographing! The contest ends on August 31st, so hurry!