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Heaters for End of the Year Tenting


Bringing the Heat – To Tents Near You!

Nobody wants their fun to end. Especially when that end means they have to take down a tent. Luckily, Celina is here to make sure you can keep your tent up and comfortable longer in the fall – combine sidewalls with portable heaters and you’re on your way to continued excitement!

The Wall

Sidewalls have been covered here many times before, but for keeping out the cold it should be noted that some work better than others. You’re going to want a wall that has block out or black out properties – walls that don’t allow light to show through. This means that the base fabric has an additional light-blocking layer, which comes in handy when you are trying to keep temperatures consistent. Lighter-weight walls like our Economy Sidewalls and those made from Clear Vinyl or with Windows aren’t going to be able to maintain your heating as well. This lack of efficiency is going to eat away at your fuel consumption. If you plan on getting heat for your tent, make sure you have the walls for the job.

Going Back to the Source

Heat in tents is a tricky business – there are many instances where people think that lighting a fire is the easiest route to go. While it may seem like a good idea, remember that fire proofing stops a fire from spreading in a tent, and doesn’t mean that the fabric can’t catch fire. It is never a good idea to light a fire under a commercial tent – DO NOT DO THIS. Celina sells many different heater units for these situations. All sit outside of your tent, pumping the warmed air through tubing into the canopies’ interior. Depending on the size of your tent, you can choose one of three sizes of heaters based on BTU’s (British Thermal Units):

  • 175,000 BTU – This size comes able to be fueled by either fuel source (Propane or Natural Gas), and is great for medium sizes of tents.
  • 350,000 BTU – Our largest heater, it can also use both types of fuel. The unit has a second set of wheels on the bottom to help in moving it from place to place.

We also have a variety of replacement hardware, so you can keep your heater running year after year or even fix up a current model. We also have ducting and diffuser ducts to make sure your generated heat gets exactly where it needs to go. If you need help figuring out what heaters or sidewalls are right for your needs, give us a call at (866) 767-9242 or email at We’re here to help.