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Truck Tarp Preparations for Winter Weather


Truck Tarp Preparedness

We’re approaching winter weather season, everyone. With being based in Ohio, Celina Tent, Inc. is certainly used to everything that this statement entails – from the drifting snow to arbitrary warm days that dump water run-off into overflowing ditches as snow turns to rain then to sleet and back to snow again before you’re through the fast food drive-through.

Staying ready for all weather means looking ahead. In advance of winter weather, now is the time to stock up on tarps for truck beds, letting you keep on time and on track with shipments since your shipping materials are already there! We’re going to focus our view today on the truck tarps specifically meant for complete coverage of your shipment – sorry Smoke Tarps, but you’re more of a summer child.

The Types

  • Steel Tarps are a good initial choice as they are meant to completely cover the bed of a truck. For maximum protection of your goods, there are two sizes that come with flaps on both ends (16’ x 24’ and 16’ x 27’) that allow you to cover the front and back in addition to the top and sides. All connections are made through grommets that have been installed along the edge of the tarps, letting you choose ropes or bungee cords to seal the covering.

 There are also varieties of tarp that have no ends, in case the shipment isn’t particularly tall or is shorter than the tarp length. The ends can be tucked underneath the cargo edges or tied to the sides of the bed to create a sealed covering. Single-flap tarps (16’ x 24’ and 16’ x 27’) can be used if one end of the bed isn’t particularly tall, or if there are other tarps that you can install first to complete that end of the covering (we’re sorry Smoke Tarps, you can stay). 

  • When you look at Lumber Tarps, you may say to yourself “Hey, self, those look just like the Steel Tarps from the previous category!” and you wouldn’t be far off. Design-wise, a Lumber Tarp has the same basic design as the other with added height to the sides and flaps to allow for taller items to be covered. These are better suited toward boxes, lumber (obviously) and other tall items that can be stacked.

 Just as with the steel variety, Lumber Tarps are available with one, two, or no flaps depending on the style that you like. Flaps themselves have no grommets for attachment; the material to either side of the flap has grommets so that once the end is tucked down against the cargo, the flaps are drawn across the it and secured to create a double layer of protection from the wind and rain. 

  • What can be said about Coil Tarps? There isn’t as much versatility when it comes to this style, since the manufacture is geared so specifically toward one shape. Anyone who’s had to cover a coil, however, knows just how valuable these can be. Designed to hug the top curve of the coil, using a Coil Tarp ensures that there will be no catching the wind as you’re driving along. This reduces a large amount of drag and pull on the tarp that could otherwise threaten to tear it off and expose your cargo to the harsh elements.

Once you’ve taken a quick look at your standard cargo, it’ll be easy to see which style is right for the coming winter season. With fast distribution and high quality, 18 ounce fabric, Celina Tent’s Truck Tarps are your best bet for shipping protection. Order online now and be ready!