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Agriculture & Industrial

Agriculture & Industrial

Reliable Shelter Solutions for Agriculture and Industrial

Our durable Truss Arch Shelters, or "hoop buildings," provide reliable protection for equipment, livestock, and storage in various agricultural and industrial applications.

Protect your valuable assets with Our weather-resistant Truss Arch Shelters are designed for durability and offer reliable protection for machinery, livestock, and storage needs. With customizable options and robust construction, we ensure your agricultural and industrial operations are safeguarded effectively. Tarps provide optimal hay storage with a specially-engineered silver outer layer for protection from the sun’s rays and a matte black interior for temperature control. Our hay tarps help dry out and properly age hay bales to get maximum use from your hay. With anchoring straps located evenly around the tarp’s perimeter, our tarps are easy to use and available in 14 sizes.

Truss Arch Shelters: Durable, weather-resistant shelters for machinery, livestock, and storage needs. 

Hay Tarps: There is no faster or easier way to ensure your hay bales are well protected.