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About Celina Tent

Celina Tent is a world leader in manufacturing engineered fabric products and distributing event equipment



As the world's first company to offer party tents and related event equipment available for purchase online, Celina Tent has strived to create the most user friendly and informative sites possible. Celina embraces the idea of new technology and better methodologies to improve design, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, customer service, training, and ecommerce experience. The Celina team has searched the world for quality materials, state of the art equipment, and improved processes so that we can bring you the best value.

Production and Distribution Capabilities

In a predominately old industry Celina Tent has established itself as a leader, with modern equipment, manufacturing capabilities, and software to make products quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. At the Celina, Ohio manufacturing facility, Celina Tent's quality assurance lab is capable of doing in-house testing on raw materials. Celina Tent's 69,350 square foot manufacturing facility has the ability to produce more than 250,000 square feet of product per month. With large warehousing and consolidation capabilities, Celina Tent is able to fulfill most customer orders within 24 hours.


Celina Tent has quickly become an industry leader in the industrial textile market. With continued effort in innovation and expanding capabilities, Celina Tent will continue being a world leader in tent manufacturing, distribution of event equipment, printed products, and contract manufacturing of industrial textile products.


With significant quantities of ready-to-ship tents and shelters in inventory, Celina has played a key role in numerous relief efforts for natural disasters and contingencies worldwide such as earthquakes, tsunamis and military surges.


Today, Celina's focus is on 3 main areas:

  • E-commerce - Offer quality products and simplify the purchase of tents, shelters, marquees, and canopies. No headaches, no pushy sales people.

  • Manufacturing - Industrial textile manufacturing services to meet the needs of the industrial, commercial, government, and defense industries.

  • Printed Products - Large custom printed fabric products to serve promotional, marketing, and event markets.









Company History



The rental division was purchased and Celina Tent, Inc. was formed to focus on the rental of tents, tables, and chairs. Since that time, Celina Tent has pushed to make the change from a local tent rental company into a world leading manufacturer and distributor of tent and event equipment





After realizing the high demand for quality manufactured party tents at more economical costs, Celina Tent began to design and manufacture tent tops in order to meet its customers' demands. With trial and error through field testing, the product designs were improved again and again.





CelinaTent.com is launched to promote Celina's rental tents, tables, and chairs to the rental industry.





GetTent.com is created to provide customers with an ecommerce site to purchase party tents and related event accessories.





The rental division was sold, allowing Celina Tent to focus on new opportunities in tent production and large contract manufacturing of industrial textile products.





Celina was awarded a 5 year contract from the US Department of Defense to produce the Humanitarian General Purpose Tent System, a non-tactical military tent to be used as humanitarian relief shelters. The HGPTS has been used regularly throughout the Middle East and the South Pacific for conflicts and natural disasters.


Cooperation begins with a quick-erect tactical shelter provider that serves the US military.





Celina Tent's YouTube channel was established.


CutSealSew.com was launched to promote Celina's design, manufacturing, and warehousing capabilities.


Work began on several Department of Defense related projects that forced the company to have an understanding of the Berry Amendment, Buy American Act, and Mil-Spec requirements, as well as make significant investments in computer aided design software, quality testing equipment, and automated production equipment.





TentPrinting.com was created to promote Celina's ability to customize large party tents and tradeshow canopies.





In house printing capabilities added. The first of many wide and grand format printers were purchased to meet the needs of customers who are looking for marketing and promotional products. Therefore allowing printing to be integrated into Celina's manufacturing processes and products.


CatchAttention.com was created to sell custom printed products serving trade show and marketing clients.





Development and production begins on various Chemical / Biological / Nuclear decontamination products for the defense industry.


To enhance commercial product offerings in the world marketplace, a 20,000 square foot manufacturing and consolidation facility was established in Taicang, China. Wholly owned and operated by Celina, Celina Tent Taicang, Co. Ltd is dedicated to the production of entry level, price competitive industrial textile products that are designed and engineered in Celina, Ohio.





The first inflated air beam shelter was produced for government use.


In house video production capabilities added to promote Celina's YouTube channel allowing customers 24 hour access to in depth product training, tricks, and tips.





Our main manufacturing facility located in Celina, OH was expanded by 11,000 square feet to help accommodate the room needed to produce our product lines, most notably our military billeting tents.


Two quilting machines were purchased and installed, allowing us to experiment with quilted materials for all of our fabric structure product lines.





Two new cut centers replaced our previous cutting equipment, greatly increasing our cutting and routing capabilities. These cutting machines are quipped with three separate cutting tools and an inkjet printing module for added operations.


The Celina, OH plant added a 27,000 square foot building connected to the main shop, owing to the increase of special projects. These include: an order for 1.9 million square feet of tarp for Syrian refugees, Humanitarian General Purpose Tent Systems (HGPTS's) for the Ebola Crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone and Earthquake Relief in Nepal.





A new ducting machine was procured in order to allow us to create our own ducting, further expanding the fabrication abilities of our facility. The hose we create will augment our existing product lines and promote further expansion into related markets.






All warehousing and shipping were moved to the new Distribution Center located on our main campus. This 100,000 square foot facility handles all shipping and kitting, and is the main storage area for products ready to ship.