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Government & Military

Government & Military

Rapid Response Shelter Solutions for Government & Military Operations

Rely on for immediate and reliable shelter solutions during times of crises. Our ready-to-ship tents and shelters have played a vital role in various relief operations worldwide, demonstrating our agility and commitment to delivering high-quality, durable shelters in disaster-stricken areas. 

Trust our immediate and reliable shelter solutions for government and military operations. The Humanitarian General Purpose Tent System (HGPTS) is a multi-use, easy to assemble shelter that has been used the world over in non-tactical situations, from billeting and item storage to spaces for schools and medical facilities. Our Frame Tents, Pole Tents, and Truss Arch Shelters provide quick and dependable shelters for emergency relief, troop housing, and disaster recovery. With our vast inventory and commitment to quality, we ensure the safety and protection of those in need, even in the most challenging circumstances. 

HGPTS: Commonly used to house families, mess halls, schools, and storage areas

Frame Tents: Quick, reliable shelters for emergency relief and troop housing. 

Pole Tents: Versatile and adaptable structures for disaster recovery efforts. 

Truss Arch Shelters: Durable and dependable solutions for temporary infrastructure needs. 

Celina Tent Inc, an affiliate company of Celina Enterprises LLC, produces Berry-compliant military-grade shelters for both US and foreign military customers. These shelters, along with support equipment such as power generators, HVAC systems, and lighting, are available in complete turnkey packages. For additional information, please contact our sales team.