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PROspan GZ-Series


GZ-Series Large Tents

Ideal for large-scale events and exhibitions, these durable structures deliver architectural grandeur with unmatched scale, sophistication, and versatility.

Fast Assembly

GZ-Series tents are designed for quick setup, even for large-scale functions.

Available Dimensions

Spanning 10.00 m to 25.00 m (32.8 ft - 82 ft) for standard sizes with modular increments for custom fit, and nearly unlimited options for extensive event sizes.

Temporary or Permanent

Perfect for temporary and semi-permanent installations, offering versatility for event planners and venue operators.

Premium Quality

Crafted with precision German engineering by HTS TENTIQ, ensuring quality, reliability, and safety for every event.

Fully Customizable

Broad range of options for windows, doors, roofs profiles, and walls including solid, translucent, and transparent panels. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Cost Effective

The safety, durability, and architectural impact of traditional constructions, with the flexibility and speed of a temporary structure.

Transform Your Events

The GZ-Series is a multifunctional solution for those seeking a grand, durable setting for large-scale events and exhibitions. These large (to very large) tents are engineered for the most demanding occasions, offering substantial space, weatherproof construction for year-round use, and German-engineered stability and safety for high-profile events. Control every detail and deliver epic experiences with custom printed panels, extensive customization options, and even fully bespoke designs.

PROspan GZ Series Large Tent on lake
PROspan GZ Series Large Marquee with windows

Key Features


  • Architectural elegance and scale for large events
  • Highly customizable, including custom printed elements
  • Weatherproof construction for year-round use
  • Quick setup for demanding timelines
  • Accommodates large crowds safely
  • German-engineered stability and safety for high-profile events

PROspan GZ Höcker F-Series Large Tent

Select configurations are in stock and ready to ship. Custom orders available with a short lead time.

The Höcker F-Series Large Tens are the preferred structure of choice for the world’s leading event and exhibition companies. Variations in design and shape provide an option for pretty much anyone and everything, including semi-permanent installations for venues.

Span Width Eave Height Length (Unlimited) Max Wind Speed

10 m – 60 m*

3 m – 4 m

5 m increments

185.07 km/h (10 m - 20 m) / 152.88 km/h (25 m - 60 m)

32.8 ft - 196.85 ft*

9.8 ft - 13.1 ft

16.4 ft increments

115 mph (32.8 ft - 65.6 ft) / 95 mph (82 ft - 196.85 ft)

PROspan GZ Röder HTS Large Tent

The Röder HTS Large Tents are multi-functional contemporary tents perfect for larger events or venues to expand event space. They offer interchangeable components that are easily upgraded to alternative designs such as high peak roof or specialty shaped ends.

Span Width Eave Height Length (Unlimited) Max Wind Speed

10 m – 60 m*

3 m – 4 m

5 m increments

185.07 km/h (10 m - 20 m) / 152.88 km/h (25 m - 60 m)

32.8 ft - 196.85 ft*

9.8 ft - 13.1 ft

16.4 ft increments

115 mph (32.8 ft - 65.6 ft) / 95 mph (82 ft - 196.85 ft)

*Other options and sizes available with an 8-10 week lead-time, including fully bespoke structures customized to meet precise requirements for size, design, or durability, including custom snow or wind load ratings.

Options & Accessories


Single-layer PVC-covers, ABS-Façade, Glass Façade, Insulated panels, Window Panels, Transparent, Translucent, Custom Printed


Curved Roof, Hip End Extension, High-Peak, Multi-sided/Shaped,2&3 Way Conversion, Transparent, Translucent, Curved or Straight Overhang


Single/Double Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Flooring, External/Internal Ramps, Decorative Linings (and more)

roof profiles


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