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Disposable Pole Covers

  • 5" Side Pole Covers 5" Side Pole Covers

    5" Side Pole Covers

    Used to add decoration to a tent installation or hide less than attractive poles, Side Pole Covers are plastic covers that are slid onto tent poles. In order to ensure that the cover extends from end to end on the pole throughout the installation, Celina...

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  • 10" White Center Pole Covers

    10" White Center Pole Covers

    Center Pole Covers, only available in white, are created specifically fro use with the Medium Duty Center Pole. The cover's diameter is 10", allowing it to fit comfortably around the larger pole. Like the other pole covers, the 4-mil poly plastic is...

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CELINA's Disposable Pole Covers are are constructed using durable 4 mil poly plastic. Covers are slid onto tent poles and tubing to create an elegant, more attractive look. They are flame retardant. This product can also be used as hose covers, ratchet assembly covers, and as a caution indicator in more hazardous areas. CELINA recommends that that you cut the pole cover 1.5 times the desired length and ''scrunch'' it around the pole/tubing. For example, a 7' pole would require a 10.5' long section of cover.