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West Coast Style Frame Tent Tubing

  • 16'1"  Aluminum double tube West Coast.

    16'1" - Aluminum Double Tube

    Celina Tent's West Coast aluminum double tube is constructed from a custom extrusion which measures 2.0" x 3.875". The tubing measures 1.750" (Inside Diameter) with a wall thickness of 0.125" or 1/8". The aluminum has a strength of 35,000 PSI. This...

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CELINA has largest selection of in stock Frame Tent Tubing in the USA. Frame Tube is the structural member used to construct the frame work of a frame tent. Common tube lengths are interchangeable between tent sizes. Tubing is available in 2 configurations: Aluminum Single Tube (AST) and Aluminum Double Tube (ADT). This tubing is not used for pole tents.